Trade Fair Centre | Malaga

The Project

The Congress and Trade Fair Centre of Malaga is a firm commitment to architecture, in search of a multi-purpose venue for the tertiary activities involved in holding trade fairs, congresses and exhibitions. It enables the city of Malaga to build and strengthen its capital status over the Costa del Sol conurbation, by centralizing its economic, social and cultural development flows. Located next to the West wing road, one of the main urban communication arteries, it has become an inseparable part of the city’s landscape. The skeleton-like metal structure becomes a key element in the project, as it supports the covering, gives shape to the exterior volume and provides visible structure in the interior. It characterizes exhibition areas with very lyrical linear elements which as part of their wave like shapes composed by the overlaying bones, incorporate the concept of colour into the interior areas formed by the architecture.

el pez en las olas
el pez en las olas
download book about The Congress and Trade Fair Centre of Malaga (Pdf 11,7Mg)

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