Cofaran distribution centre | Malaga

The Project

The Cofaran Pharmaceutical Product Distribution Centre was a project created and carried out at the start of the 90s, when architecture wavered between postmodernism and high-tech.
Given that main objective of the cooperative in moving its offices and warehouse was to robotise its facilities for the storage and distribution of pharmaceutical products, the office decided that in order to align the architectural solution with this high-tech machinery, it should also be based on advanced technology and innovation. A free-standing structure was created for the unit’s storage warehouse and in this manner the required open-plan result was achieved for the changing location of the robotics which in the future would handle the products to be distributed by the project’s sponsor.
The unit was completed by the cooperative’s corporate headquarters and office building which was designed following the same aforementioned architectural concepts.
Its pleasant, comfortable and capacious space allows the visitor to understand the building and its operation in a very direct manner.

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