Villa Trini | Málaga

The Project

The Villa Trini building both in its conception and development does not manage to break away from the ideas of Modernism, although it belongs to a more complex rationalism with coderchianan influence. Its ideas were a reference point influencing numerous architects, who tried to overcome this trend through poetic search, providing more subtle architectural solutions tending towards a burgeoning baroque style.

Constructively, all the exterior elements of this complex are finished with visible brickwork in a varied layout, so that some areas show ceramic pieces in a conventional manner and others have quite a complex innovative disposition, which gives it an almost baroque appearance that we classified earlier as burgeoning. The general composition of the unit is quite balanced, as it is made up of agreeable forms, combining the texture of the aforementioned brickwork with the artificial stone of the white treated concrete, as well as aluminium and glass, all of which creates a building that is very attractive on all fronts.

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