Valltea |Malaga

The Project

This residential complex is located alongside Louis Pasteur Boulevard in Teatinos borough, Malaga. It was the perfect place to develop 7-storey buildings with two, three and four rooms’ apartments leaving the ground floor exclusively for commercial premises. Specific studies and measures were needed to build the two car park underground floors; they represent the highest technical achievement throughout the development. The façade composition is free, a typological change departing from previous desings achieved by our office, which generates beautiful horizontal formal compositions full of tension and beauty.
The faced-brick work goes hand in hand with other materials; specially aluminium and glass, the painted perforated sheet metal on the terrace parapets conquer the complex providing a real quality appearance that is indeed the main characteristic of the development. The final touch is given by the exquisitely designed main entrances, which are generous not only on the finishing works but also in the dimensions, in accordance with our usual practice.

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