Playa Fenicia | Velez-Malaga

The Project

Playa Fenicia is a public initiative to provide the city of Velez Malaga with an Archaeological Park, which will give added value to the important Phoenician remains found in the environment of the river Velez. The Archaeological Park is destined to be the largest theme park in the world aimed to the Phoenician civilization. The existence of one of the most important settlements of this civilization among the Mediterranean in this area of Velez Malaga is a great opportunity to recover through this project its value as a cultural pole of unquestionable value. The total planning area of 475 hectares includes an Archaeological Stock, a Marina and a Golf Course. Moreover, hotels, holiday apartments, residential areas, shopping and leisure centres, are also planned to be developed in this area, that must be of high quality, as it will become the most important point of touristic reference in East Costa del Sol.

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