Pinares de Mijas | Mijas

The Project

This residential complex is designed with a strong Andalusian character. Its architecture is known under the name of Mediterranean architecture, which is quite extensive along the Costa del Sol. However, it is a contained architecture without many concessions, where functional aspects are prioritized over accessory aspects, which are sometimes incorporated into this architecture.
This residential complex, which comprises eigth independent buildings, works as a recreational city, with green areas and communal swimming pools, in such a way to facilitate the leisure and cohabitation of residents of the complex.
The architecture is determined by the constants of the indicated Andalusian architecture, as the roof is made from Arabian clay tiles, the walls are rendered and painted and the floors, especially outside, are finished with fired clay tiles. The clay bricks, also fired, are used to form decorative and protective elements. High-quality finishes are used and the facilities are finished with the latest technologies on the market, which provides the homes with great comfort.

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