ABN-AMRO Branch | Marbella

The Project

This project converts Malaga II building’s shop premises of Playas del Duque residential complex, located on Puerto Banús Avenue in Marbella, into a bank branch.
Access to this bank branch is through the aforementioned avenue and is located on the ground floor of the building. It has a total built area of 353 m² including the service areas on the ground floor and the variable height mezzanine floor.
This bank branch was designed in compliance with the type model of this company, which provided a set of constants which permitted a certain level of design freedom. The finishes were carried out with high-end materials and the facilities were carried out with the latest technologies, as the objective of the promoter was to provide the company with a good image and hence wanted it to be as representative as possible. Functionally it complied with the proposed program and also reached a very suitable level of comfort.

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