Ge-XXI Elevators General Building

The Project

This industrial and technical development was commissioned to our company for the progress and development of the elevators technology. Offices, some manufacturing areas and a Test Tower to run testing sessions, are key for the development of this field of research.
The roof’s supporting structure is quite unique among the industrial style of the development. It allows the maximum level of natural light possible, avoiding solar radiation. This is done by triangular-shaped elements with slopes which were used to form the north-opened skylights.
While the façade is metallic, the interior is designed with happy colours, corporative blue is the main colour all around. The Test Tower has a concrete structure with metallic pieces in secondary areas. Because of a budget readjustment the original concept, which was totally metallic, was not developed. The resulting development is very appealing and an excellent contribution to reach a good level of quality to this kind of developments.

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