Emerald Garden | Lagos, Nigeria

The Project

Emerald Gardens is a bold step at real estate business, coming into existence at a time when the Nigerian economy is on the upswing and income level is rising.
This project is named after ‘Emerald’ due to its uniqueness, beauty, attraction and quality, situated in a serene environment, positioned strategically in Lagos-Ibadan Expressway, in Ogun State. The site is just 30 km from the local and international airport Murtala Muhammed and near the emblematic Redemption Church.
Emerald Gardens combine life and work reducing daily commuters and becoming a place where excellence is not only seek but also achieve in each corner. The site has a total area of 270 Ha. Main traffic is organized along two different rings, from North to South and from East to West. The core of this master plan is Park Avenue, a longitudinal green area, a continuous park beginning in the main access and ending at the golf course.
Emerald Garden Development Project includes more than 7,500 housing units, covering a wide range of typologies. With a plot coverage of less than 20%, and a TBA of over 1.7 million sqm, it becomes a model of sustainability and modern design.

Predominant land uses include: commercial, offices, hotels, multifamily apartments, multifamily condominiums, and detached and semidetached houses.
Public facilities include: Primary, Elementary and Secondary School, Fire Station, Hospital, Sports facilities, Police post, Parks, Lake and Golf Course.

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