Edipsa Pacífico | Malaga

The Project

This set of two high-rise buildings is located in the new emblematic expansion area of the city, in the section between Pacífico street and the new seafront promenade of Poniente and is strategically positioned on the seafront.
It is configured via two symmetrical buildings with seven floors and a penthouse floor created with a volume of great plasticity, thanks to the introduction of curved panels in the side façades, finished in brickwork, which introduce a strong vibe that characterizes the complex in an environment filled with volumetrically rigid buildings.
On its front façade, corresponding to the seafront, the façade of the complex inclines towards two perforated walls with openings to important terraces. At the crown of the façades, curved elements are used again to provide the building’s outer skin with an elegant and light appearance.

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