Mall La Rosaleda | Malaga

The Project

Our office clearly intended to design something new, far from preconceived rationalist ideas, without getting caught up in the postmodernist trend which was popular at that time. For said reason, we chose to seek functionality and aesthetics without using any specific references and with the help of assisted design,, provided very agile alternative solutions to preserve the essence of the centre. It was a huge success,, not only in the local and national area in which it received a prestigious architectural award but also on an international level, as it was used by the company as a reference for its expansion abroad.
The aim of the functional program was to create a building unit of 60,000 m² above ground, with three basements holding 3,000 parking spaces. The design was based on a hypermarket, and all the departments required for its operation, complemented by a mall and several shopping areas created on two floors, with small and medium shops, multiplex cinemas and restaurants,, as well as an office building.
The building’s structure was created based on an eight by eight meter module which reaches thirty meters at some specially configured points.

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