Mall Malaga Plaza | Málaga

The Project

In Malaga Plaza Shopping Centre the main thoroughfares and areas start from one main centralized area with the character of an urban plaza with enough space to host complementary uses such as cafés and exhibitions. All walkways, corridors and accesses to the malls are developed around this.
Lighting of the area is essential in achieving the sensation of an open plaza. A metal structure was chosen with a roof made from filter glass, with the ability to attenuate the entrance of natural light.
Similar to other Asenjo shopping centres, it is worth noting the hierarchy of thoroughfares, at all times favouring the orientation of the different malls which are distributed around the central empty space of the building, as well as the abundant use of natural light which combined with the use of high-end materials in the interior finishes, results in an interior area that is both serene and spectacular, and without precedent in the city’s commercial architecture.

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