Activa Club

The Project

Avalo group commissioned this innovative project to our company to develop the best and larger sport facility in Andalucía at that time. Located in Jerez, it was a development of a large capacity, with areas that have been organized based on the different uses they have got and equipped with cutting-edge sport technologies. In order to develop the emblematic and modern sport centre, a metallic mesh was used to cover the construction creating a calm and balanced beautiful building skin. Having a clear and simple functional scheme, the centre is divided into two sections of different height that are connected to each other. One of the units homes all indoors sport activities together with the administrative and management areas. The other unit is destined to recreational-sport activities like the implementation of a bowling alley, for instance. The café is located in this area as well and the outdoors sport activities on the roof level, with paddle tennis fields. The result of this combination of areas and facilities was a sport and leisure complex unique in Andalusia.

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